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wilsonville mercedes reviews

4. Lingerie/pajama party
There are popular lingerie party companies that give demonstrations out of people's homes. You could schedule a demonstration as the centerpiece of the shower, and guests could be asked to bring lingerie gifts or purchase them after the demonstration. For this theme, guests could be asked to attend in their pajamas and you could serve popcorn and an ice cream sundae bar as a throwback to childhood pajama parties. wilsonville mercedes reviews
5. Room by room
For this theme, guests are asked to bring a gift corresponding to an assigned room of the house. One guest may be assigned the office and could buy a wireless keyboard and mouse for the computer. Another might be assigned the bedroom and could buy colorful throw pillows for the bed. A good party game for this theme would be a scavenger hunt that brings guests through each room of the house with clues leading to a door prize.

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