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mercedes portland wilsonville

2. Stock the pantry:
For this theme, guests are instructed to bring gifts that the bridal couple will need for their pantry. They might be food items, kitchenware, or small appliances. You might schedule a food tasting for the party and serve appetizers corresponding to specific appliances or utensils. An herbal theme partners well with this one, and you could play “Guess the herb,” a game where guests must guess the identity of unknown herbs by smell. Decorate with potted herbs and send out herbal-themed invitations and thank you cards. mercedes portland wilsonville
3. Beach/honeymoon:
If the bride is especially excited about her upcoming honeymoon you might want to give her the chance to enjoy it early by throwing her a honeymoon-themed bridal shower. If it is a beach destination, decorate with floating candles, serve margaritas, and play beach-themed games.

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